Winter 2014
Baylor Magazine

Winter 2014

Construction of the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation has begun on Bagby Avenue.

Their names can be found throughout the Baylor record books and their pictures adorned the murals outside Floyd Casey Stadium. But, they’re also fans--albeit with a perspective and appreciation that’s a little stronger than most. What do Baylor legends think about the current players who man the positions they once played? We asked, and they were more than happy to tell.

For many in the Baylor family, the university becomes an important part of their life stories. Each person is a unique part of the family, and like most families, there is a deep commitment to provide for the future.

The 2013 Baylor football season is one fans will not soon forget. Here is a look back at the contributions of some key players on Baylor football's first Big 12 Championship squad.

On the 50th anniversary of his death, Baylor scholars weighed in on the legacy of C.S. Lewis that still resonates in contemporary culture and on campus today.

Three simple words sum up the mission of the ministry
Brett and Emily Mills have developed during the past decade: Jesus said LOVE