2024 Baylor Alumni Awards

Each year, Baylor honors a group of graduates who embody the University’s mission in their careers and lives of service. This year’s Alumni Awards recipients have transformed their communities and professions on local and global scales with their selfless service, humble leadership and steadfast faith. 

Tommy Bowman, B.B.A. ’71

Baylor University’s 179-year history is filled with tentpole moments that inspire the Baylor Family to carry forward our mission: to go out into the world in Christian leadership and service.

David Wills, B.B.A. ’85, J.D. ’88

David Wills has a passion for generosity and eternity. When describing the relationship between the two, Wills recalled words of a Baptist hymn: “The world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through.”

Jessica Beachum, B.A. ’11

Jessica Beachum has a talent for seeing both the beauty and the need of the world — and meeting it with generosity and openness.

Jimmy, B.A. ’72, M.A. ’93, and Janet Dorrell, B.S. ’80, M.S. ’02

Few people have affected so many individuals in as many corners of the city of Waco as Jimmy and Janet Dorrell.

Gabrielle “Gabe” Madison, B.B.A. ’00

Bonton Farms is more than an urban farm; it is a place where communities are formed and enhanced. Gabe Madison did not expect to find herself in the heart of this community undergoing transformation ignited by hope.

Gil Stricklin, B.A. ’57, (1934–2023)

Gil Stricklin’s faith journey began when he was 12 years old, when he entrusted his life to Jesus. This childhood decision set him on a lifetime path of caring for souls.