Baylor Magazine

July/August 2003: Features

Poolside on the river
Deck: Marina's new clamshell covering features removable side panels

The shared patriarch of Jews, Christians and Muslims provides common ground for dialogue

Waco alumna's prayer group being adopted by parents in other cities

Museum Studies and sciences will move into new facilities by 2004

Baylor students explore the 'wild side' in animal enrichment program

Dr. M. David Rudd wants people to fail, or even better to never try.

Two biology professors wage war against an enemy that can be both annoying & deadly

Research program pairs high school seniors with Baylor faculty

Along Fifth Street

New Internet program can assist alumni in job search

Check carefully the pros and cons of leasing vs. purchasing a vehicle

Multicultural Christian events planned

For second consecutive year, a Baylor student receives Truman Scholarship

Biologist's genetics textbook receiving acclaim

Legendary English professor lauded for 'brilliance'

'Contending for the Faith' calls churches to unapologetic Christian witness

New housing policy in 2004 will require freshmen to live on campus

Band program marks centennial celebration with President's Concert

Student-led diversity forum addresses common stereotypes

Chapel Friday gives freshmen an opportunity to discuss, reflect, connect


Masters in accountancy, '04

Electrical & computer engineering, '04

Chair of Marketing and Associate Professor

Alumni Association, University reach cooperative agreement

Students have more serious psychological disorders than in past

Babies and toddlers can learn new way to communicate

Hot summers of hard work taught responsibility, appreciation

Recent cases consider role of affirmative action in college admission policies


Hobbies help student-athletes relax, keep perspective

Track coach Stacey Bowers is training for 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens