Provost Series' First Book

June 4, 2003

The inaugural publication in Baylor's new Provost Series is Dr. Ralph Wood's Contending for the Faith: The Church's En-gagement with Culture, released this spring. 
In his new book, Dr. Wood, a University Professor of Theology and Literature, calls for churches to offer an unapologetically Christian witness to a postmodern world.
"I wrote Contending for the Faith as an attempt to deal with my own vexation with the contemporary Christian church, especially its habitual recourse to predictably liberal and conservative patterns of belief and practice," Dr. Wood said. "I wanted to show that there are fresh and radical alternatives to these tired options."
Dr. Mark Noll, professor of Christian thought at Wheaton College, remarks that Contending for the Faith is "a feast for soul and mind. This is intellectual edification of absolutely the best kind."
Books in the Provost Series feature original works and primarily will be written by Baylor's Distinguished and University Professors, special faculty designations at the University. Submissions from outstanding scholars at other universities, however, also will be considered for publication. 
"Because inclusion in the Provost Series is a way to recognize the work of distinguished scholars and because Baylor University Press will be a forum for significant scholarly work to be made known to its publics, the Provost Series underscores both the 2012 mission of the press and that of the University," said Dr. Carey Newman, director of Baylor University Press.
The idea for the series came from Dr. Donald D. Schmeltekopf, who retired as provost and vice president of academics in May. "That we seek to publish a set of books that bears the 'Provost Series' moniker is only fitting," Dr. Newman said. "Don Schmeltekopf's contribution to the academic strength of this University is unquestioned. The series is a formal way to acknowledge his significant contributions."
The second book in the series will be released this fall -- Houses of the Interpreter: Reading Scripture, Reading Culture by Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey, provost and Distinguished Professor of Literature and Humanities. 
Provost Series books are available in the Baylor Bookstore.