Student Perspective

June 4, 2003

• Brittany Lewis, Sophomore, Social Work" -- Trying to juggle work and class at the same time is really stressful for me. Because I work during the day, I often miss office hours for my professors, so it's hard to discuss anything with them. When I get stressed out about school work, I usually try to get up and do something else, like watching TV, for a while."

• Grant Pattison, Senior, Religion -- "Balancing time with my wife, children and classes is stressful for me. Praying and spending time with God is a great help to me, as well as playing with my kids."

• Jennifer Powell, Sophomore, Biology/Pre-Med -- "I get stressed when I don't have enough control over my schedule. Pressuring myself to do well is also difficult for me. To relieve stress, I like to workout, take short power naps and just go driving."

• Michael Soileau, Junior, Health Science Studies/Pre-Med -- "Juggling academic work and extracurricular activities while attempting to maintain a good GPA to get into medical school is my biggest stress factor. I turn to God to grant me patience and take a break to do things with friends."