Baylor Magazine

July/August 2002

Baylor poised to fill void in national higher education

From stock boy to major stockholder, John Baugh's career in food service has fed his passion to serve

Philosophy alum puts theory 
into practice documenting bonded labor abuse in India

This story was published in Collegium 2001, an annual publication of Baylor's College of Arts and Sciences, and is reprinted here with permission.

Two Baylor ROTC cadets from the class of '75 ascend through the ranks to make their mark in the U.S. military.

May graduate Marjorie Owens joins Houston Grand Opera young artists' studio.

Baylor alum creates fairy-tale life as part of "Shrek" animation team.

A lover of language, Ann Miller ushered many a Baylor student into her world of words.

Before there was Bill Nye the Science Guy, there was Robert G. Packard, "Waco's Mr. Wizard," as one newspaper called him. And for 50 years, he has blazed a unique trail in how thousands of students relate to physics.

Along Fifth Street


Web Extras

Instant messaging keeps youth connected and is changing the way they communicate

Save now, and save more, for a comfortable retirement

Psychology professor researches what makes people happy

Panel of experts evaluates, affirms effectiveness of mammograms to save lives.

Professor adapts curriculum to world in crisis.

Editor's Note: Rebecca Cutbirth, a professional writing major with a public relations/political science double minor, will graduate in May 2003. For her class in professional writing, she compiled a cookbook seasoned liberally with humorous and touching anecdotes. As a freshman at Baylor, far from her home of Abilene, she caught the flu. Below is her contribution to her own cookbook of how Dr. and Mrs. Robert Packard came to her rescue.