Baylor Magazine

November/December 2003 Features

Three children, three BFAs, 34 performances and now, a final bow

When she became part of the news, journalist Macarena Hernandez was reminded of the far-reaching power of one's words

In the land of milk and honey, Baylor graduates pursue star-studded dreams

Baylor professor returns to father's homeland after 50-year absence

Baylor in Cuba program gears study toward future business potential

Along Fifth Street

At the end of a volley of pro- and anti-Sloan sentiments, Regents vote 31-4 to reaffirm his leadership

finance, '04, yell leader co-captain

Renovations, fund raising for Bear Plaza under way

New HDTV-format program to be featured nationally on PBS

Cosby visits Waco to "lift spirits" of Baylor, Central Texas

Student enrollment for fall 2003 was more than 13,900 students, including a larger freshman class than last year.

Full slate of activities awaits alumni, students Nov. 5-8

The Baylor chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, an academic honor society, was presented a new award for excellence.

Despite a struggling national economy, during the 2002-03 fiscal year at Baylor, significant donations and endowment monies were generated.

Baylor hosts a group of the nation's foremost scholars in ethics and education.

Faculty Publications

Student-run information network latest source of news and views

Here are some of the newest or highest-rated toys available for children this holiday season, as well as a list of Web sites to check out other options.


Account of discovery of DNA's structure filled with drama, suspense

In national higher education circles, Baylor's Vision is a cause to celebrate

ID theft is one of this decade's fastest-growing consumer crimes

Annual rebalancing is one strategy to help maintain stable risk exposure

Educational, entertaining toys available for children of all ages

Changing economic factors impact traditional parenting roles


Bliss, Stanton resign amid alleged NCAA violations; internal investigation continues

New coach shares thoughts on recruiting, coaching and winning

UMass' McCaw tapped as Baylor's athletic director

Alumni News & Notes

Baylor alumna, international scholar visits political science class

Baylor law grad, Vietnam POW knows how to prevail

Jeff DaCunha, postdoctoral Fellow in mathematics

Chris Cragin Day and Steven Day, master's of fine arts program