Some Positive Numbers

October 13, 2003

Despite a struggling national economy, during the 2002-03 fiscal year at Baylor, significant donations and endowment monies were generated. 
$50.8 million in gifts and pledges toward the Campaign for Greatness, bringing its total to $453 million
110 new endowed scholarship funds, bringing the number of students who received financial aid from all endowed scholarships to 3,044 during the 2002-03 academic year
4,016 individuals made their first gift to Baylor; since the Campaign for Greatness began in 1999, 16,055 donors have made first-time gifts
Book value of the endowment went up $27 million, even though market value decreased
46 new planned gifts with a face value of $43.1 million
27 new bequests totaling $9.2 million