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January/February 2003 Features

Conflict & crisis: A sociological perspective on effective organization response

Some "goofy Baylor kids" are leading a revival at First Church-Eddy. Photo by Jon Pattillo

Throughout a "perfect storm" of tragedy and controversy, how did Baylor's leaders respond?

They want it, they need it, they have to get it - five students relate how they spent their summer vacations in the "real world." Illustrations by Tim Holden.

As the University pursues excellence in academics, facilities and community life -- all articulated within Baylor 2012 -- it also has set forth expectations for its athletic programs.

Communication students start spreading the news

For 45 years, Helen Ligon inspired students and colleagues to keep looking to the future.

Inaugural conference to honor renowned Texas playwright

It should be as easy as one plus one equals two: A highly qualified student wants to attend Baylor University; Baylor wants the student to attend. No problem, right? Wrong.

It begins with the first recruitment letter a prospective student receives -- be a part of the Baylor family, it says. That message permeates the University's communications, and administrators are committed to making it a reality -- not just during the student's undergraduate years, but for life.

Before President Bush came to Crawford, there was Mayor Robert Campbell

What began as a hymn sing-along has developed into a musical extravaganza worthy of Broadway

Baylor is looking for academic excellence, leadership potential and character in future Bears

Along Fifth Street

Texas mayors endorse presidential library at Baylor

Collage Concert set for Jan. 23; Round Table celebrates 100th year

Second living and learning center will cater to students in Honors College programs

Residents, University reach agreement on Fort Faculty's future

Foundation provides defibrillators for campus buildings

Student-run information network latest source of news and views

Marlene Tyrrell, senior lecturer in computer science

LeAnn Gardner, master of divinity/master of social work degree

Distinguished playwright to collaborate with 
theater arts department; annual drama festival slated


Pierce brothers make easy transition from homeschool to university

Gallup Polls have taken the religious pulse of America for six decades

Those near or in retirement take stock of investments

For happy marriages, nothing beats time together

Childhood asthma is on the rise, but it often can be controlled with precautions, medication

Study shows underage teens who watch R-rated movies more likely to drink alcohol, smoke

As never before, new clergy must not only find the tightrope, but learn to walk it


Mr. Bill and the 1948 Bears' basketball team took the NCAA by storm -- all the way to the nationals

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