Winter 2012
Baylor Magazine


Baylor's commitment to community service permeates a host of academic disciplines. By providing practical education and services for free or at a reduced cost, the university shares its breadth of expertise and resources to those who may not otherwise be able to access them. Baylor students acquire a unique professional edge, gaining valuable experience practicing their craft under the supervision of trained and licensed Baylor staff, all while earning their degrees and a unique launching pad into the workforce.

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner is changing the face of women's basketball, and having fun doing it.

Gift of Learning

This isn't just the story of a family's American dream becoming reality on a path from the Middle East to West Texas to Waco. It's the tale of how a widowed mother's lifelong love of learning inspired her children to pursue their passions, how they found their callings at Baylor, how the four siblings became leaders in medicine, business, education and journalism -- and how Mom graduated college at age 73.

Life on the Spectrum

Baylor clinic offers support, information and inspiration for Central Texas families of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Impact of Giving

A look at where gifts to the university go, how they're used, and the power they have to change students' lives.

David Hardage

The Baptist General Convention of Texas' executive director explores the Biblical mandate to give.

As Rachel Butcher pores over a 14th-century, Austrian, illuminated manuscript -- a rare copy never before studied -- she marvels at the significant opportunities she has been given at Baylor, overwhelmed that her present reality once seemed an impossible dream.