Give Light

Dear Baylor Family,

We stand poised today at a watershed moment in Baylor University’s history. We are the grateful heirs of a remarkable legacy—the cumulative support of generation after generation of Baylor alumni and friends who gave, often sacrificially, of their time and their resources to strengthen our mission. As a result of this generosity, Baylor’s ability to provide a life-changing educational experience and to serve the surrounding world has never been stronger.

In acknowledging that we have been powerfully blessed by this legacy, we are duty bound to honor it by doing our part to advance Baylor’s mission in similarly bold and ambitious ways. On Nov. 1, the University will launch Give Light, a comprehensive campaign that will support our students, bolster our critically important endowment, provide new physical spaces to help programs grow, and support the academic initiatives outlined in our academic strategic plan, Illuminate. Together, we will write the next chapter of this institution’s distinguished history. Together, we will build a new future with Illuminate serving as the blueprint for growth.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told His listeners that we are “the light of the world,” noting that “a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” For more than 170 years, animated by the spirit of pioneering Baptists in the Republic of Texas, Baylor has served as a source of illumination and inspiration to communities close to home and around the globe. 

From my first day in office as president, I have confidently proclaimed that the world needs a Baylor. This is, indeed, a unifying truth for the Baylor Family, and I believe the success of Give Light will make it plain to see for the rest of the world. As a “city on a hill” within American higher education, we believe our simultaneous achievements in four key areas of our institutional life will establish Baylor as a university without peer in our nation: an unambiguously Christian mission, an exceptional undergraduate education, top-tier research programs, and nationally competitive arts and athletic programs. 

The world needs a Baylor that is committed to finishing the race we have started. When we can accomplish this goal, we will articulate and embody an exceptional vision for 21st-century Christian higher education and produce graduates with the wisdom, innovation and leadership skills required to make a difference in the world.

You will hear much more about Give Light in the coming months. I hope you will find your place of connection and support, and thank you for your love of Baylor University. 


Linda A.Livingstone, PhD

Baylor University