Bear Cub Corner

July 1, 2022

Jovie Grace Anderson, born March 2 to Sadie and Brooks Anderson, BA ’07, of Lexington, SC.

Lincoln David Ball, born Oct. 1, 2021, to Bryan and Allison Ball, BSEd ’16.

Brady David Barnard, born March 25, 2021, and John Paul Barnard and Caleb Lee Barnard adopted Aug. 14, 2021, by Michael Barnard, BA ’15, MDiv ’18, and Aimee Barnard, BA ’14, MS ’15, of Burnet, TX.

Avery Mae Bartels, born Aug. 24, 2020, to Hollis and Bradley Bartels, BSEd ’10, of Fort Worth. Brother is Bennett George.

Ellie Kate Bradley, born March 2, 2020, to Dr. Calvin Bradley, BS ’09, and Jenna Przybyla Bradley, BS ’15, of McGregor, TX.

Camden Robert Brown, born June 17, 2021, to Austin Brown, BBA ’14, and Rachel Brown, BS ’15. Grandparents are Dr. Greg Ward, BS ’84, and Kim Cassels Ward, BBA ’86.

Ruth Hutton Brown, born March 1 to Hillary and Joshua Brown, MM ’08, DMA.

Thomas Jackson Carter, born Dec. 12, 2021, to Brandon and Caitlin Forehand Carter, BA ’08, MSEd ’10, of Savannah, GA.

Alexandra Kate Cavezza, born Nov. 4, 2021, and Charlotte Elizabeth Cavezza, Sept. 25, 2020, to Trey Cavezza, BA ’03, and Jennifer Cavezza, BA ’08.

Theo Jude Charalambakis, born Oct. 6, 2021, to Joel and Megan Koontz Charalambakis, BA ’08, of Nashville, TN.

Hayden C. Davenport, born July 18, 2021, to Tim and Marissa Davenport, BA ’08, of China Spring, TX.

Brooke Noelle Davis, born Oct. 17, 2021, to Chris and Leanne Price Davis, MS ’14, of Canton, TX. Sister is Sydney, 2.

Gloria Geraldine DeBower, born Oct. 13, 2021, to Adam DeBower, BA ’02, and Courtney DeBower, BA ’04. Brother is Waylon. 

Sebastian Elessar Esparza, born Nov. 23, 2021, to Samuel Esparza, BS ’19, and Brittany Winters-Esparza, BBA ’18, of Dallas.

Spencer Matthew Finch, born July 8, 2021, to Taylor Finch, BBA ’10, and Erin Spencer Finch, BSEd ’12, MSEd ’13.

Conner Embry Gaines, born Jan. 7 to Martin Fitzgerald Gaines and Lacy Lynch Gaines, BFA ’06, of Dallas. Grandparents are John and Jann Loveless Lynch, BA ’73. Aunt and uncle are Richard and Layne Lynch Ross, BFA ’13.

Mary Ryan Harlan, born March 3 to Connie and John Harlan, BBA ’13, of Buena Vista, CO.

Colt Michael Heimbuch, born Oct. 8, 2021, to Aaron and JazzMarie “Jazzy” Amber Heimbuch, BBA ’11, of Dallas. Brother is Luke Rhett Heimbuch, 2.

Britton Bell Jessee, born Sept. 17, 2021, to Walter Taylor Jessee, BBA ’12, MAcc ’12, and Kelsey Lane Jessee, BA ’12, of Richmond, VA. Brothers are Graham and Pierson.

Lany June Jones, born Nov. 5, 2021, to Nathaniel and Amanda June Jones, BA ’12, of Dallas. Uncle is Brian McLachlan, BBA ’07. Grandparents are Donald McLachlan, BA ’78, JD ’79, and Iva Wolf, BA ’78, JD ’80. 

Daniel James Kelm, born March 26, 2021, to Nate Kelm, BS ’11, and Jessica Kelm, BA ’10, of Nashville, TN.

Asher Laith Leatherwood born to Jonathan and Michelle Messenger Leatherwood, BA ’09. Sister is Aurora Laurel Leatherwood, 3. Grandpa is William Messenger, BA ’82. Aunt is Tiffany Messenger, BA ’16. Uncle is Nick Dorsett, BBA ’17. 

Gabriel Alexander Loachamin, born April 7, 2021, to Noe Israel Loachamin, MDiv ’19, and Emily Morrow Loachamin, MSW’19, MDiv ’19. Brother is Lucas, 2. Grandmother is Karen Bannert Morrow, BA ’81. Aunt is Sarah Morrow, BA ’12. Uncle is Zachary Morrow, BBA ’18.

Callaway Crew Lofland, born Dec. 1, 2021, to William Lofland, BA ’06, and Lyndsey Lofland, BA ’08, of Rockwall, TX.

Lorelei Maples, born Aug. 17, 2021, to Miranda Maples, BSEd ’10, of Watauga, TX. Sister is Adeline.

Lily Kate McGhee, born June 13, 2021, to Jacob McGhee, BSECE ’10, Kelsi Sapp McGhee, BSME ’11. Brother is Jack. Grandma is Lorri Black Sapp, BS ’88.

Eliana Rae Miller, born Jan. 29 to Drew and Natalie Miller, BA ’17.

Meli Kalliope Miller, born Feb. 14 to Chrysanthi and Nathan Miller, BA ’05, of Southlake, TX.

Anthony Matthew Mitchell, born Feb. 22 to Zachary and Lauren Kelly Mitchell, BFA ’06, of San Antonio. Brothers are Luca Benjamin, 6, and Joseph Harrison, 4. Grandparents are Shane and Daisy Mitchell and Albert and Marsha McGee Kelly, BA ’71.

Ellie Jo Murray, born Dec. 1, 2021, to Kyle and Kyrie Clark Murray, BBA ’16, MAcc ’16, of Tomball, TX. Grandparents are Stephen Michael Clark, BSEd ’89, MSEd ’90, and Holly Rae Hazlett, BS ’90.

Clover Okeke, born to Obim Okeke, BBA ’19, MS ’20, and Brianna Sullivan-Okeke, BBA ’19.

Mila Lynn Paprocki, born Nov. 12, 2019, to Bradley and Emily Holdaway Paprocki, BA ’09, of Prairie Village, KS. Grandparents are Steven Holdaway, BA ’79, and Susan Stefanic Holdaway, BBA ’81. Uncles are Paul Stefanic, BBA ’87, and Robert Holdaway, BBA ’82, MBA ’83. Aunts are Kay Holdaway Howard, BA ’78, MS ’79, and Whitney Howard, BA ’80.

Jonah Pipes, born Feb. 22 to Allison and Justin Pipes, BBA ’14. Sister is Baylor, 2. 

Asher Joseph Powell, born May 17, 2021, to Brooks Powell, BA ’11, MBA ’16, and Emily Grassbaugh Powell, BS ’11, of San Antonio.

Addison Doratha Rabideau, born Feb. 3 to Ben Rabideau, BS ’14, and Kristen Olson Rabideau, BS ’16, of Katy, TX. Grandparents are Clayton Olson, BA ’88, Nancy Olson, ABC ’02, Chris Rabideau and Lori Rabideau.

Sterling Phoenix Sharp, born Oct. 20, 2021, to Ben and Tiffany Sharp, BSEd ’10, of Northlake, TX. Siblings are Barron and Annelise.

Annalise Sheppard, born Oct. 28, 2021, to Marc and Elly Sheppard, BA ’15, MA ’17. 

Chester Wesley Smith, born Oct. 30, 2021, to Drew and Whitney Webster Smith, BBA ’12, of Arlington, TX. 

Preston Hartman St. Lawrence, born Feb. 22 to Justin St. Lawrence, BS ’08 and Lauren Hartman of Spring, TX.

Wilson Adam Taylor, born Oct. 10, 2021, to Nicholas Taylor, BBA ’05, MBA ’11, and Annette Taylor, BBA ’06, of Dallas.

Charlotte Lea Theriot, born Sept. 15, 2021, to Logan and Dr. Adrien Lewis Theriot, BS ’12, of Houston. Grandparents are Anne and Clint Lewis, BA ’72, JD ’75, of Beaumont, TX, and Anthony and Brenda Theriot of Nederland, TX.

Graham Daniel Walker, born Nov. 14th, 2021, to Kyle Walker, BA ’14, and Kristen Walker, BS ’14, of Phoenix.

Dillon Christopher Wertz, born Nov. 3, 2021, to Claire and Allan Wertz, BBA ’08, of Houston. Sister is Allison.

Drew Hudson Whittington, born March 10, to Forrest and Deanna Dempsey Whittington, BSEd ’11, of Frisco, TX. Grandparents are Don and Cindy Behr Dempsey, BBA ’76. Aunt is Jennifer Dempsey, BBA ’06.

Walker Calvin Wyatt, born April 22, 2021, to Lance and Kellie Wyatt, BS ’12, of Dallas. Brother is Wells, 3.