From Baylor’s Lariat to CBS Sports

December 21, 2023
 Shehan Jeyarajah, B.A. ’16

In the competitive landscape of collegiate sports journalism, Baylor University proudly claims one of its own as a prominent figure on the national stage of CBS Sports’ college football coverage. Shehan Jeyarajah, B.A. ’16, whose early journalistic endeavors began at The Baylor Lariat, has achieved remarkable recognition in under a decade.

Today, as a national college football writer for CBS Sports, Jeyarajah navigates the constant shifts in college athletics. He has covered the complex landscape of conference realignment, and his expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including recruiting, coaching appointments, traditional in-season coverage and insightful analysis. His adaptability shines through in the wide array of story formats he undertakes, spanning from breaking news coverage to long-form features, columns, game analysis and more. Beyond writing, his influence extends to his service on the national board of the Football Writers Association of America, where he participates in voting for prestigious national awards and honors, including All-America selections.

Jeyarajah’s journey traces its roots to Baylor, where, as a student, he was a regular fixture at University sporting events while honing his skills at The Baylor Lariat. These experiences paved the way for his subsequent career with publications such as The Dallas Morning News and Sports Illustrated. Post-graduation, he ventured into roles at Cox Media and Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, a publication founded by another illustrious Baylor alumnus and sportswriter, the late Dave Campbell, B.A. ‘50, before assuming his current national position with CBS Sports.

Jeyarajah’s ties to Baylor extend far beyond his professional life. His serendipitous meeting with his wife, Bhargavi Karumuri Jeyarajah, B.S. ’16, in the Honors Residential College on his first day on campus serves as a testament to the enduring connections formed during his Baylor days. Notably, the Baylor campus swing played a significant role in their lives, serving as the backdrop for a joyous summer 2023 announcement of their first child.

In his role at CBS, Jeyarajah maintains a neutral stance, but he cherishes the opportunity to build relationships with key figures at Baylor while fostering connections with rival Big 12 coaches as well.

“Ultimately, my greatest loyalty is to telling the truth,” Jeyarajah says, “because telling stories, reporting and analysis all depend on it.”