2024 Alumni-elected Regent Selection

December 22, 2023

2024 Election Process

The following highly qualified candidates were selected from those nominated for the 2024 election:

John Hill
John Hill, B.A. ’04, Alexandria, Virginia
Katie Jo Luningham
Katie Jo Luningham, B.A. ’11, Fort Worth, Texas
Joseph C. Parker Jr.
Joseph C. Parker Jr., M.Div. ’97, Austin, Texas

All recipients of a Baylor undergraduate or graduate/professional degree are eligible to vote in the annual election.

The 2024 election will be operated by YesElections (powered by Election America), a third-party provider with proven expertise in providing reliable, user-friendly elections. Their secure and confidential online system will be utilized to facilitate voting.

Distribution of Credentials

As the University practices judicious stewardship of resources, voting credentials will be distributed only through email. Each graduate for whom the University has a valid email address will receive individualized credentials and instructions for voting online. The email will come from help@yeselections.com. Please add this address as a safe sender to avoid the email being treated as spam.

Online Voting

The online Alumni-elected Regent ballot will open February 12 and close February 20. Each graduate may cast one vote for the candidate of their choice. The candidate with the highest number of votes will be selected.


Alumni-elected Regent candidates run on their accomplishments and not on platforms. Campaigning by candidates or anyone affiliated with them is not allowed.

This year’s election cycle:

February 12-20
Baylor graduates vote in the election of the Alumni-elected Regent

June 1
Alumni-elected Regent begins service

Early August-October
Nominations accepted for 2025 election via nomination process

November-Early January
Nominee submissions reviewed and candidates selected and announced


Every year, Baylor welcomes Alumni-elected Regents to three-year service terms on the Board. As Alumni-elected Regents complete their terms, Baylor graduates elect or reelect Alumni-elected Regents to service.

Alumni-elected Regents may be nominated by the various advisory and advocacy boards and groups associated with the University or through a nomination supported by the signatures of at least 50 other Baylor graduates.

A nominating committee, composed of two Alumni-elected Regents and two other Regents, reviews the application of each nominee and selects the slate of candidates for election each year.

Visit https://alumniregents.web.baylor.edu for a complete guide to the process.