Why We Love Game Day

Photographic look at some of our favorite Game Day traditions.

“We’ve been TAILGATING since day one at the stadium. It’s been a big part of our experience. It’s no longer just go to a football game. It becomes a weekend experience with all of our friends, former classmates and family, and having the opportunity to get together and fellowship.”

—Chris Carson, B.A. ’85

“Getting to actually sign the Baylor Line the night before the first home game truly is an experience like no other. In years past, watching eager students sign the Baylor Line was so exciting as they begin their Baylor story. I can’t wait to welcome them to the Baylor Family this year when they can make their mark on the Baylor Line.”

—Marshall Garcia, B.S. ’21,
Baylor Line chair, Baylor Chamber of Commerce

“Touchdown Alley is pretty cool. The big Baylor chair and sno-cones were my favorites. And there was a river with boats that was cool. I didn't try running with the football because the big kids were playing. The college students let me play cornhole with them, and that was fun too.”

—Jacob Franklin, age 8