2021 Baylor Alumni Award Winners

Baylor University alumni and friends make significant contributions to society in many forms. The Baylor Alumni Awards program acknowledges the distinctive mission of Baylor University and recognizes those who achieve success in a manner consistent with that mission. Following are the recipients for 2021.

Dr. Gary J. Sheppard, B.A. '87
Dr. Gary J. Sheppard, B.A. '87 Alumnus of the Year
Jessica Cope
Jessica Cope, B.F.A. '15 Young Alumna of the Year
Timothy Head
Timothy Head, B.A. '98, M.S.W. '04, J.D. '08 Pro Texana Medal of Service
Daniel Roby
Daniel Roby, B.A. '04 Pro Ecclesia Medal of Service
Brett James
Brett James, B.S. '91 Contributions to the Professions in Media & Arts
Merrie Beckham
Merrie Beckham, A.B.C. '86 Alumna by Choice of the Year
Sue Mayborn
Sue Mayborn Founders Medal