2016-17 Meritorious Achievement Awards

October 1, 2016

Baylor University alumni and friends make significant contributions to society in many forms. The university's awards program acknowledges the distinctive mission of Baylor University and recognizes those who achieve success in a manner consistent with that mission. Following are the recipients for 2016/2017.

Tom Rosenbalm

Alumnus of the Year

Jeremy Courtney

Young Alumnus of the Year

Bob and Julie Harris Mendonsa

Pro Ecclesia Medal of Service

Melissa Rogers

Pro Texana Medal of Service

Takashi Kitaoka

Distinguished Achievement Award

Lisa Giocomo

Medal of Service for Contributions to the Professions: Research

Tim and Janice McCall

Medal of Service for Contributions to the Professions: Christian Ministry

Kim Lubel

Medal of Service for Business Leadership

Roger E. Kirk

W.R. White Meritorious Service Award

Steve and Penny Carlile

Baylor Legacy Award

Claude and Becky Lindsey

Baylor Legacy Award

Don and Jenny Riddle

Baylor Legacy Award

Carroll and Aline Webb

Baylor Legacy Award

Jane Meyer

Baylor Founders Medal