Brick by brick

August 5, 2014

Baylor Nation responded to the call to support McLane Stadium in numbers that exceeded expectations. The new brick walkway will feature custom messages from fans around the world.

“We knew there was a lot of excitement around this project, and we wanted to give people a tangible way to participate,” says Dr. Ken Hall, senior vice president for University development and strategic initiatives. “But we were truly overwhelmed by the response. To the best of our knowledge, no university has had so many participants in so little time.”

More than 7,000 Baylor fans participated in the Stadium Bricks Campaign between December 2012 and its conclusion in March 2014. The outside firm Baylor partnered with has worked with universities dating back to 2000, and in that time, only two universities, Ohio State and LSU, have raised more money or sold more pavers—and each of those campaigns did so over an extended period of time (since 2000 for OSU, since 2005 for LSU), in contrast to Baylor’s now completed 15-month campaign.

The 7,200+ bricks contributed through the program will be located in the South Plaza, along the walkway leading to the basin bridge that spans the entrance to the lagoon, and on the other side of the basin bridge heading into the main on-site tailgating area. In late August, campaign participants will be sent information showing the location of their brick(s); the brick locator system will also be linked from