2014-15 Baylor University Meritorious Achievement Awards

November 1, 2014

Baylor University alumni and friends make significant contributions to society in many forms. The University’s awards program acknowledges the distinctive mission of Baylor University and recognizes those who achieve success in a manner consistent with that mission. Following are the recipients for 2014-15.

Derek Haas, BA ’91, MA ’95

Alumnus of the Year

Michael Brandt, BBA ’91, MA ’94

Alumnus of the Year

Katie Jenkins Norris, BSFCS ’08

Young Alumna of the Year

Jim Loker and Jamie Thomas Loker, BSEd ’82

Pro Ecclesia Medal of Service

Will D. Davis, BBA ’54, LLB ’54

Pro Texana Medal of Service

Robert Pryor, BS ’73

Medal of Service for Contributions to Medicine and Healthcare

John Lee Hancock, BA ’79, JD ’82

Medal of Service for Contributions to Media and Arts

Pearl Beverly, MSEd ’01

W.R. White Meritorious Service Award

Bob and Joyce, BA ’52, MSEd ’57, Packard

Legendary Mentor Award

Clyde Hart, BBA ’56

Distinguished Achievement Award

Kate McLane Dimmitt, BBA ’56

Baylor Legacy Award

Tom, BBA ’60, and Pat, BBA ’62, Powers

Baylor Legacy Award

Walter, BBA ’59, JD ’65, and Sheila Umphrey

Baylor Legacy Award

Gale, BBA ’52, and Connie Bird Galloway

Baylor Founders Medal