Fanning a flame

March 21, 2012

A transformative fire, kindled at Baylor, is spreading throughout the globe. Graduates of the Global Mission Leadership Initiative are returning to their native countries to address the most urgent needs in their hurting communities: Human trafficking in Cambodia, education in Myanmar, impoverished senior citizens in Singapore. And through it all, these Baylor graduates are offering hope to people whose circumstances may appear hopeless.

Your help is needed to fan the flames. An education from the Baylor School of Social Work's GML Initiative equips these students to change lives.

Baylor parents Carl and Martha Lindner recognized the Initiative's potential to minister to people in need, and their generosity has kept the program alive. But your support is still needed to bring future students to Baylor and receive the training they need to become powerful agents of change. Without financial assistance, the burden of tuition and transportation costs between Baylor and their home country are too great for them to bear. Scholarships enable students to rewrite the future for those in need, and your provision helps to bring these stories to life.

Your gift to the Global Mission Leadership Initiative truly makes a world of difference. To learn more about how you can support these students, contact Kristen Box, Director of Development, at or call (254) 710-2561.