Bears among Rangers

March 23, 2012

A sampling of Baylor alumni within the Texas Rangers organization

Brent Clum

Brent Clum, BBA '85 (accounting, finance and marketing), MBA '90 Harvard Business School; Chief Financial Officer, MorningStar Partners

Hometown: Fort Worth

Position: Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee

Rangers debut: 2010 (though he also worked on the deal prior to its completion)

Primary job responsibilities: Work closely with the co-chairmen, the CFO and top management in providing finance and accounting guidance

Favorite thing about position: 
I have always loved baseball. Learning more about how the business side works with the baseball operations has been fascinating.

Baylor fundamentals: More than anything I probably learned balance. I was a triple-major and was able to really take advantage of the great teachers and community that Baylor provides. I think it laid the foundation for my future success in life.

Staying connected to Baylor: I am on the Steering Committee for the Baylor Business Network in Fort Worth and serve as an advisor for the Dorr Investment Fund in the business school.

Taylor Bergstrom

Taylor Bergstrom, BBA '07 (sports, sponsorship, and sales)

Hometown: Carrollton, Texas

Position: Senior Account Executive

Rangers debut: 2007

Primary responsibilities: Selling suites, group and season tickets

Favorite thing about position: I love selling for my hometown team.

Best Rangers memory: In 2010, when Neftali Feliz struck out A-Rod in Game 6 of the ALCS to go to the World Series for the first time in team history.

Staying connected to Baylor: I stay in contact with my former professors, Dr. Darryl Lehnus, EDD '93, and Dr. Kirk Wakefield, MBA '81, by sending them sales reports to show them my progress, and I make annual trips to Waco to speak with current S3 students.

Baylor family ties: Wife Elisa Walters Bergstrom, BSFCS '07; brother Matthew Bergstrom, BBA '09; father Mark Bergstrom, BBA '79; mother Valerie Gover Bergstrom, BSHE '77; great uncle Donald Gover, BA '58

Heather Hansen King

Heather Hansen King, BA '03 (business administration)

Hometown:  Amarillo, Texas

Position: Manager, Nightly Rental Suite Sales

Rangers debut: 2005

Primary responsibilities: I make sure we know who is in what suite each night and communicate with the catering company to know what food and beverage package each suite receives, if any. I make the contracts and take payment for each nightly rental.

Favorite thing about position: I love the people I work with and the atmosphere created here. For the most part, the organization is laid back, which fits my personality.

Favorite accomplishment: Meeting my husband, Troy King, who works here as a senior account executive

Baylor Fundamentals: I took "Business of Professional Sports" with Dr. Kirk Wakefield and learned a lot about the sports industry in general.

Baylor family ties: Cousins Charee Hansen Hayes, BSEd '97, and Julie Hansen Pinson, BA '99

Grace Ramsey

Grace Ramey, BSEd '11 (recreation)

Hometown: Tyler, Texas

Position: Coordinator, Business Partnership

Rangers debut: 2011

Primary responsibilities: Implementing many of the contracts of our corporate sponsors. Once the contract is finalized, my role is to do whatever it takes to exceed the client's expectations. We want all of our sponsors to be proud and extremely excited about their association with the Texas Rangers.

Favorite thing about position: The Texas Rangers are a truly first-class organization. The commitment to winning the right way permeates every part of this organization. Every single one of us has the same goal: to win and be successful with integrity and professionalism.

Baylor fundamentals: At Baylor, I learned and experienced the absolute necessity of servant leadership. In every life role and job opportunity, we are called to serve those around us (including fellow employees, supervisors and clients), to do whatever it takes to make them successful.

Baylor family ties: I am the first person to attend Baylor from my family, but I currently have two cousins there (junior Archer Ramey and freshman Joy Ramey). Maybe we have started a trend!

Guy Tomcheck

Guy Tomcheck, BA '03 (speech communication)

Hometown: Flower Mound, Texas

Position: Director, Corporate Partnerships

Rangers debut: 2009

Primary responsibilities: To form diverse marketing and advertising partnerships with clients to generate and grow sponsorship revenue

Favorite thing about position: Definitely the autonomy I have and the people I work with. It's also not too bad having to come to the ballpark for work every day!  

Favorite accomplishment: After four years on Baylor's football team, I never thought I'd have a Stanley Cup championship ring, two American League championship rings and zero bowl rings. I can definitely laugh about it now thanks to RG3 and Art Briles.

Career history: Manager of corporate sales for the NHL's Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club from 2004-09 before joining the Rangers

Baylor fundamentals: Language is 80 percent non-verbal. This helps me every day. Thank you, Dr. Mark Morman (my non-verbal communications class instructor in 2002)!

Baylor family ties: Wife Christen Harris Tomcheck, BA '02, MSCD '03

Courtney West Krug

Courtney West Krug, BBA '05 (marketing & international business)

Hometown: Kingwood, Texas

Position: Executive Assistant to President & CEO

Rangers debut: 2004 (intern), 2005 (full-time)

Primary responsibilities: Organizing the business world of Nolan Ryan, which ranges from his roles as a former Hall of Fame pitcher and CEO and president of the Texas Rangers, to his beef business and other business ventures, as well as coordinating appearances, special events and charity involvements. I am also responsible for all postseason hospitality events and coordination of the American League championship rings.

What she most enjoys: Because of the variety of activities Mr. Ryan is involved in, every day is different. I also love having the opportunity to be involved in everything from event planning to charity work, in a job where going to baseball games is part of your work day. 

Baylor fundamentals: My student internship with Baylor Athletics' marketing department showed me I wanted to make a career out of working in sports.