Major Michelle Brown, BS '95, MA '96

March 15, 2011

Chief of Flight Medicine, 
Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Brown spent two tours of duty in Iraq as a flight surgeon with the U.S. Air Force before taking her current role.

"I've learned through several experiences -- at Baylor, in the military and in medical school -- to surround myself with good mentors, follow them smartly and, when given the chance to lead, lead by example.

Major Michelle Brown

"Baylor's low student/professor ratio provided me the chance to learn early in my career about mentorship. Good mentors (such as Dr. Ann Rushing and Dr. Dave Eldridge) gave me the confidence to pursue things of which I didn't think I was capable. No doubt Baylor's academics prepared me as well, but it was the personal relationships that helped me achieve my goals.

"Effective leadership to me means knowing your people personally -- their families, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses -- and then convincing them by example that they should follow you. I would never ask someone to do something that I wasn't willing to do.

"My advice for today's Baylor students? Find a great mentor, take advantage of the outstanding academic opportunities, and give back to your community/country outside of Baylor. It is very rewarding."