Invisible Impact

September 30, 2011

Baylor is frequently blessed by alumni and friends who are quick to take action and faithful to meet needs. This has been evident consistently throughout the first year of The President's Scholarship Initiative.

As many step forward in support, some gifts are made anonymously and without great fanfare. Yet their impact is felt profoundly.

Recently, in support of The President's Scholarship Initiative, a generous donor gave a powerful, anonymous gift of $1 million to enhance merit-based scholarships within Baylor's Honors College.

"This gift exemplifies a spirit of self-sacrificing generosity," said Dr. Thomas Hibbs, dean of the Honors College. "It will increase both the scholarship amounts we can offer to incoming Baylor students and also the number of students we will be able to support."

Through rigorous classes and opportunities for group and independent research, scholars within Baylor's Honors College explore the connections between intellect and faith and graduate prepared to impact others through their realm of influence.

"Bringing the nation's best students to Baylor helps to ensure Baylor's long-range impact on the wider society in a range of professions," Hibbs continued. "Merit scholarships like this one enable us to be even more competitive."