Far Flung

December 14, 2011

Dr. Harry Lucenay (BA '70)

Originally from: Waco

Resides in: Hong Kong

Employment: Pastor of Kowloon International Baptist Church

Dr. Harry Lucenay (BA '70)
What took you to Hong Kong?

We never dreamed of living in Hong Kong. My wife, Nancy, BA '70, and I visited the city briefly on a Baptist World Alliance trip in 1994. When the Kowloon International Baptist Church contacted us in the summer of 2002, we had no idea they had my name. We began serving here in March 2003.

What is your favorite thing about living there?

We love the people. We love the energy of the city. We love the diversity. And we love the fact that we are able to do various mission projects in this part of the world; we have done some work in Myanmar, Mongolia, the Philippines and China in the past few years and will be in Nepal later this year.

What's one local tradition or custom that you might take with you if you moved away?

I wish we could take Chinese New Year with us. It's a wonderful time of the year. Great festivities.

What is the one thing in your city/region that a visitor absolutely must see or do?

Visiting The Peak at night is a must. The beauty of this city of lights is amazing. And an early morning walk on The Peak trail is a beautiful walk. Golfers would love Clearwater Bay Golf Club in Hong Kong or Mission Hills Golf Club just across the border in China. Shoppers will think this is heaven.

What do you miss most from the U.S.?

We miss family. I keep up with Baylor football and basketball via the Internet. Of course, many of the football games are played out during our worship times (we are half a day ahead of you), so I can't listen to the games and preach at the same time. However, I do enjoy reading about what took place when I get in on Sunday night.

Have you met any other Baylor folks during your time there?

The pastor of Hong Kong International Baptist Church and his wife are Baylor grads (Dan and Anita Williams). There are some Baylor folks with the U.S. Embassy. And we have several Baylor teachers and students come through every year as they do various kinds of things with the local universities. We have also welcomed several Truett Seminary groups when they visit Hong Kong. For that matter, we have had some Truett Seminary students as summer interns.

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