December 13, 2011

Co-enrollment pilot program announced with local community college

On Oct. 6, representatives from McLennan Community College and Baylor announced the creation of the Baylor@MCC Co-Enrollment Program, which will strengthen the ties between the two institutions by offering a formal program for students who will be enrolled at both MCC and Baylor.

Baylor President Ken Starr and MCC President Dr. Johnette McKown signed a memorandum of understanding for a three-year pilot program that will begin in fall 2012.

The program is for students who first qualify for regular admission to Baylor but cannot be accepted due to space constraints. Students will be offered the option to join Baylor@MCC and enroll at both Baylor and MCC in a distinct Baylor-bound program. Students can enjoy the benefits of being a Baylor student while taking most of their classes at MCC.

Students will consult with advisors to choose the one-year option, which includes completing at least 18 hours at MCC and six hours at Baylor, or the two-year option, which requires students to complete at least 36 hours at MCC and 12 hours at Baylor. Upon satisfactorily completing the program requirements at MCC, students will then become full-time Baylor students.

"While we have partnered in various ways with MCC throughout the years, I'm delighted that we will now be able to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to begin at MCC and pursue a degree from Baylor in a streamlined, seamless way," said Dr. Elizabeth Davis, BBA '84, executive vice president and provost at Baylor.

Baylor@MCC students will have access to student services at both institutions, including academic advising, campus facilities, career counseling, counseling services, library, tutoring and athletics.