@baylormag - Letters Spring 2011

March 8, 2011

Fond memories

I just received a call regarding the article about my great-aunt Christine [Fall, BA '24, MA '34, who taught three students from China at Baylor during the late 1950s/early 1960s; "A heart for internationals," Winter 2010-11].

I have many fond memories of taking tea at her home on Speight. Aunt Christine was a trailblazer for women in education during her time. Her family continues to meet her former students who can attest to her passion for education.

Jan Fall Christian
Allen, Texas

Cave connection

In your article detailing the Texas Family Business of the Year awards given this fall at Baylor [Winter 2010-11], you actually have a sixth honoree with ties to Baylor. Natural Bridge Caverns was the recipient for the medium family business award, and I have served as the cave geologist, IT director and operations manager for quite some time. I have actually been with Natural Bridge Caverns for over 25 years.

While at Baylor, the Wuest family was kind enough to allow me to come back and work random weekends whenever I needed extra money. They also opened up the caverns as part of my undergraduate geology thesis, something that had not been allowed for decades. We have also hosted a number of Dr. Joe Yelderman's geology field trips here at the Caverns, and we have had a number of guides go on and attend Baylor (sic 'em, Claire G. and Nick B.!).

It has been an honor to have worked for this organization for over a quarter century, and it has been a real privilege to have watched this family grow its business. The Wuest family, while being a bunch of Aggies, epitomizes many of the beliefs and faith of the extended Baylor family.

Brian Vauter, BS '92
New Braunfels, Texas

Too much bravado

I am impressed by the quality of the articles in the current Baylor Magazine [Winter 2010-11]. I am, however, less impressed by the photo of the Baylor women's basketball team on page 13. Although I would not expect a stock still team photo, a photo more representative of the great program would have served better. The hand signs and such are not what I would expect to see in a college program or publication. At the schools I have worked at, we often allow a "funny" photo after formal team pictures are taken, but have no intention of publishing it. The photos used in the football feature showed artistic skill and added to the article's message regarding contribution and accomplishments. I wish the women's photo did likewise.

Stephen C. Bunt, BS '76, MS '77
Irving, Texas

[Editor's note: We're always glad to hear from our readers, and we did hear from several of you on this one. We certainly never meant to portray the Lady Bears in a poor light; like most of you, we are very proud of all they have done on behalf of Baylor (see page 16 for an update on their successful season so far).

Given the feedback we received, however, it seems we may have erred on this one. We wanted to run a photo that highlighted the team rather than any one individual, and we chose this photo because it showed some of the team's personality -- a "bring it on" attitude that has been backed up by the team's play on the floor.

We will certainly take the things we heard on this into consideration in the future when selecting photos of our student-athletes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!]

Amen, Dr. Elzinga

[Guest lecturer] Dr. Kenneth Elzinga's article ["Different to make a difference," Winter 2010-11] spoke directly to my heart. I attended a state university and was involved in a student ministry. My faith was challenged and strengthened daily. It was in this setting that I felt called to give my life to student ministry.

I have served on two Baptist school campuses and several state and community campuses. Dr. Elzinga's words are true and encouraging. Our vision at Baylor is a high calling that provides students the chance to explore and inspect the relevancy of the Gospel in every academic discipline. I am encouraged by Dr. Elzinga's approach to higher education.

I presently serve as the director of student ministries at the Baylor School of Nursing in Dallas. In nursing, faith and practice go hand in hand. We are training and encouraging students who go through our program to share their knowledge and their faith with their patients. As a result, God is honored, the student is empowered and the patient receives the best care. Amen, Dr. Elzinga. The University of Virginia is blessed to have you practicing your gifts and calling among their students and faculty.

David Kemerling
Richardson, Texas