Getterman Indoor Softball Facility Opens

December 17, 2010

The Baylor softball program received an early Christmas present this fall with the opening of the Getterman Indoor Softball Facility, a state-of-the-art indoor practice space.

Getterman Softball Facility

"We truly have a facility that is the envy of everybody in the Big 12; it's the envy of every other softball program in the country, and it's just a tremendous blessing to our coaching staff and our student athletes," said Director of Athletics Ian McCaw. "Regardless of what the weather may be doing outside, they're always going to have a place that is comfortable and dry and will allow them to reach their full potential as student-athletes."

Blending in with the arenas, fields and facilities of the Julie and Jim Turner Riverfront Athletic Complex, the Getterman Indoor Softball Facility enhances the Baylor Softball program by creating a space for year-round practice and player development.

Getterman Indoor Softball Facility houses a multi-functional, climate-controlled space where practices can run un-hindered regardless of unpredictable weather conditions. Boasting six retractable batting cages, two pitching stations, a realistic artificial playing surface and a full-size "infield" for offensive and defensive drills, Baylor softball now has one of the premier practice facilities in the nation.

Women's Softball Team

Dary Stone, chairman of the Baylor Board of Regents, presided over the dedication ceremony Oct. 7. Baylor President Ken Starr, Head Softball Coach Glenn Moore and McCaw joined him in making remarks during the ceremony, which honored longtime Baylor Softball supporters Sue (BA '50) and Ted (BBA '49, JD '51) Getterman, who generously provided the new facility.

"Everything I pray for and hope for, for Baylor, is embodied in this family," Stone said. "If every single member of the Baylor family loved Baylor, supported Baylor, prayed for Baylor, showed up for Baylor like the Getterman family, we'd take over the world."

The new structure neighbors Getterman Stadium, which the Gettermans made possible in 2001 with the largest gift to women's athletics in Baylor history. Creating a versatile and impressive softball complex, the two facilities will assist the program's efforts to improve player development and recruit high caliber student-athletes.