Byword, Spring 2010

March 23, 2010

One of my various duties as director of Baylor Magazine includes the important role of occasionally standing in as model on photo shoots to help the photographer adjust the lighting and framing before the actual subject arrives. It affords me the opportunity to meet some of the interesting and inspiring people we cover in the magazine, while keeping the light stands from blowing over and whacking them on the head.

I have "stood in" for a number of our high-achieving students, accomplished faculty, successful alumni and--as I did in February--a new president (note my resemblance above to the presidential cover).

I had the privilege of standing in for and meeting Kenneth Winston Starr, J.D., during his whirlwind visit to campus last month, and I echo what so many who met him that day have already said--I was impressed. Not only that he remembered my name some time and certainly dozens of introductions later, but that he demonstrated a genuine sincerity and contagious enthusiasm about what lies ahead for Baylor University.

On Feb. 16, 2010, Judge Starr was introduced by Board of Regents Chair R. Dary Stone, Joe Armes, Chair of the Presidential Search Committee, and various members of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee as their unanimous choice to be the 14th president of Baylor University.

We then had the privilege of sending assistant director Jeff Brown out to Malibu, Calif., to visit Judge Starr at Pepperdine Law School, where he has served as dean for the past six years. 

In our article, "A call to serve," Brown provides a thorough introduction to Judge Starr by talking to those people who know him best--students, colleagues and his wife, Alice--and gives an idea what it might be like to work with, learn from and be led by Ken Starr. 

I believe these are exciting days for Baylor University. We encourage you to extend a warm welcome to Judge Starr as he joins the Baylor family this summer, and we will continue to provide opportunities to get to know our 14th president in future issues of Baylor Magazine.

In Judge Starr, you will find a dedicated professional committed to the mission and vision of Baylor University who will work tirelessly to advance that mission, attract top students, encourage and support our faculty and further position Baylor as a leader in higher education making a significant impact in our world.

Randy Morrison
Director, Baylor Magazine