Meet the Regents (August 2009)

August 31, 2009

R. Dary Stone
JD '77
Vice Chairman
Cousins Properties Inc.
Dallas, Texas
(Regent since 2005)

"My passion for Baylor is in part due to nostalgia because I went there, but largely because Baylor stands for the things I believe in and is unapologetically Christian. That sets Baylor apart from other universities."

Stan Allcorn
BA '76
Pioneer Drive Baptist Church
Abilene, Texas
(Regent since 2002)

"My greatest desire is that Baylor continues to produce men and women who will impact Texas and our world for good and for God's Kingdom."

Joseph B. Armes
BBA '83, MBA '84
Chief Operating Officer
Hicks Holdings LLC
Dallas, Texas
(Regent since 2001)

"I'm absolutely encouraged and optimistic about Baylor's future, and I think that Baylor's gonna be an incredibly interesting and challenging place for my kids to go to school."

Wes Bailey
BBA '78
Bailey Insurance & Risk 
Management, Inc.
Waco, Texas
(Regent since 2002)

"My wife, Rebecca, and I are both third-generation graduates. All four of our parents graduated from Baylor, as did all three of our children. We bleed green and gold."

Robert E. Beauchamp
Chairman and CEO
BMC Software, Inc.
Houston, Texas
(Regent since 2009)

"Having met some of the faculty, and having listened to my sons talk about the way that Baylor's faculty and staff treat the students, and having met Baylor alumni in the community, in the workplace and in my church, I've come to have a remarkable respect for Baylor."

Albert C. Black, Jr.
President and CEO
On-Target Supplies & Logistics, Ltd.
Dallas, Texas
(Regent since 2004)

"I am just elated over the story that can be told today about Baylor's beautiful campus, sincere faculty, able administrators, honorable trustees and wonderful alumni. It is an incredible organization that deserves for its reputation to be optimized."

Tommy L. Bowman
BA '71
Waco, Texas
(Regent since 2001)

"Baylor is quite unique because of its combination of faith and learning. You can get an intellectual education at many fine universities, but Baylor has a value-added aspect that is not available at any other university."

Linda Brian
BA '69
Retired, Director of Counseling
Amarillo Independent School District
Amarillo, Texas
(Regent since 2009)

"As a graduate, I will always be indebted to Baylor for the education I received and the college experience that I enjoyed;'however, it's also a privilege to have the opportunity of influencing the future of Baylor by serving as a Regent."

Duane Brooks
BA '84, PhD '91 
Tallowood Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
(Regent since 2005)

"At Baylor, I met and married the most amazing person I have ever known.' A million memories flood my mind every time I walk on campus, but best of all, God allowed me to meet Melanie here, and that has made a huge difference in my life."

R. Stephen Carmack
BS '72, MS '72
Chairman and CEO
Legacy Bank
Hinton, Oklahoma
(Regent since 2002)

"Baylor is something that has to be experienced in order to understand its excellence.' While Baylor produces graduates and grants degrees, it is even better described by the fact we see ourselves as a family."

Harold R. Cunningham
BBA '56
Crawford, Texas
(Regent since 2002)

"I agreed to accept my first position on the Board because of my love for Baylor and the chance to serve.' I knew that with six grandchildren coming along that I would like Baylor to be the best that it could be for them and the oncoming generations."'

Bobby Charles Dagnel
First Baptist Church
Lubbock, Texas
(Regent since 2003)

"The integration of faith and learning gives Baylor its distinctive identity.' While her secular counterparts would consider these two matters to stand in opposition, Baylor embraces a worldview that allows one to inform the other."

Gary D. Elliston
Senior Founding Partner
DeHay & Elliston, L.L.P.
Dallas, Texas
(Regent since 2006)

"I am a Waco native and have been an ardent Baylor fan and supporter my entire life. I am excited to have the privilege to serve as a Regent. My wife, both sons, and two daughters-in-law are all Baylor graduates."

Sue Holt Getterman
BA '50
Waco, Texas
(Regent since 2001)

"My husband and I met as students on the Baylor campus. Since then, one of our children and two grandchildren have also attended Baylor. We have been long-time supporters of Baylor and see that as a very important part of our lives."

David H. Harper
BBA '88
Haynes and Boone, L.L.P.
Dallas, Texas
(Regent since 2009)

"Baylor'is not just a place to go to school.'It is a life experience. Through Baylor, students'not only prepare for their careers, but also'have their lives and thinking shaped to make a difference in a challenging world."

Neal T. "Buddy" Jones
BA '73, JD '75
HillCo Partners, LLC
Austin, Texas
(Regent since 2004)

"Baylor's uniqueness is her commitment to quality higher education by adapting to the 21st century, while never straying from her deep roots in God's word and her role in his plan for mankind."

Ronald D. Murff
BBA '75
Business Consultant
Dallas, Texas
(Regent since 2009)

"We are a Baylor family. My wife and I are both graduates as are both of our children and our daughter-in-law.'My wife's sisters and brother-in-law are all Baylor graduates, and we now have four nieces and nephews that are current students."

Ramiro Abraham Peña, Jr.
BA '88 
Christ the King Baptist Church
Waco, Texas
(Regent since 2005)

"I prayed about it quite a bit and really felt led of the Lord that this was the right time for me to be involved in the school. I really felt like it was the Christian mission of the school that interested me most. I have a deep sense of calling to pray for Baylor and to recruit others to pray for Baylor."

John C. Reimers
BA '72
Beaumont, Texas
(Regent since 2003*)
*filling an unexpired term

"Baylor uniquely blends the highest academic education with Christian-based faith and values. At Baylor attention is given to training and developing not just the intellectual mind but equally the spiritual, physical and the social--the total person."

Kathy Wills Wright
BS '85, MSEd '88 
Legacy Educational Foundation
Washington, D.C.
(Regent since 2009)

"Baylor has a unique position to lead, not only the nation but the world, in defending and defining the relationship of faith in learning and living in today's society."