August 31, 2009

Ugly? Messy? Au contraire. In fact, this issue (Summer '09) was the first one I've wanted to pick up and read in a long time. Even tucked it in briefcase to read on the Acela from New York to D.C. Good design; good content. Well done. 

Barbara Morrison Reno, BS '68, MA '71
Bethesda, Md.

From the VP of a non-profit ministry here in Dallas, I absolutely loved the last issue's story on poverty. It was very encouraging to see a university so poised at the section of faith and calling to show how we can use our time and talents to make a difference. Keep up the great work. It's the tough part of the gospel we need to be reminded about. 

Justin Forman, BBA '02
Dallas, Texas

Thank you for the wonderful summer issue! My husband and I are both Baylor grads ('79). Lifting the poor is something we are both passionate about, and so I want to introduce you to a project dear to the heart of my husband. Chuck is CEO of Crown Financial Ministries and has produced short films that have been tested in some of the poorest places on earth, where they have been received with incredible favor. We hope to release the films in September. You can see a brief clip at: http://crown.org/godprovides. 

Thank you for what you are doing! 

Ann Bentley, BA '79
Gainesville, Ga.

I just want to say how proud I am of all the work that students at Baylor are doing to help the poor and impoverished in Waco and around the world. From the Baylor Interdisciplinary Poverty Initiative, with its conferences and summits and projects like the Campus Kitchen; to programs like Steppin' Out with its service projects for the local area, and the Students for Social Justice group that has been working for a couple of years to get an increase in the minimum pay for the service workers, housekeeping and maintenance and dining staff at Baylor, and the other projects and programs to help people around the globe. 

It's great to see what is happening at one of the top Christian universities in the nation. Baylor is a Christian university, and as such, it should be involved in helping people not just locally but elsewhere to show its service and love to humanity. Baylor should not only be proud of its Christian heritage but also of its Christian service.

I just received my first copy of Baylor Magazine, and I am very impressed with the students and faculty at Baylor and their commitment to service. I also think the magazine itself is of a very high quality, with great layouts, photos, story coverage and writing. I didn't attend Baylor, but I receive the magazine because I've always been interested in the University, its mission and the work that it does. 

Deric Shaw
Kennesaw, Ga.