Letter to the Editor: Just The Beginning

September 1, 2009

Line Camp is just the beginning of the Class of 2013's Baylor experience. As a writer and adjunct instructor, I am spoiled to be part of the life of Baylor every day. But it is the students' experience, truly unmatched in higher education, which still remains at the heart and soul of Baylor. Thanks to folks all over campus who love her, that experience is as authentic and vibrant as ever--right from the start. 

I am more convinced than ever that Baylor's present and future are in the capable and passionate hands of so many wonderful students and staff. And just as 164 years of students have made their mark while at Baylor, the 3,000+ member Class of 2013 has that same chance--as Emily Sandvall so eloquently says--"to contribute to the narrative of Baylor University," all while living among a people and in a place with a distinct purpose, changing the world for good. 

Because of my Line Camp experience, I've never been more grateful to be part of the Baylor family. If only I could be a freshman once again. -LM