Match Maker

September 2, 2008

ExxonMobil's most recent matching gift to Baylor brought the entity to more than $5 million in cumulative gifts given to the University through the ExxonMobil Foundation's Educational Matching Gift Program. More than $370,000 was given this year as a three-to-one match of gifts made by the company's employees and retirees.

In a June 12 ceremony, Baylor recognized the philanthropy of ExxonMobil and its employees and retirees who utilize the generous matching gifts program to benefit Baylor students.

"I thank the many ExxonMobil employees, past and present, who partnered with their company to support Baylor and its mission," said Dennis Prescott, vice president of development at Baylor. "By helping the ExxonMobil family to support the Baylor family, the individuals who take advantage of this program make a difference in the lives of Baylor students every day."

Though ExxonMobil's program is one of the most generous, more than 7,500 companies offer matching gift programs to their employees. Baylor University received more than half a million dollars from matching gifts last year.

To find out more about matching gifts, visit or contact University Development at (254) 710-2561. Gifts, including matching gifts, may be securely made online at