Letters, Fall 2008

September 2, 2008

Concerning 'Concerning the soul'
I read, reread, and underlined the article "Concerning the Soul" in the latest issue (Summer 2008) of Baylor Magazine. I am so proud of Baylor's commitment to integrating Christian faith into all areas of living and learning in the lives of the faculty and student body. The resident chaplains, international mission trips, and the numerous "sacred places" scattered around campus are new additions since my graduation in 1960.

The revelations in "Concerning the Soul" further encourage me to believe that my fears were unfounded that Baylor was veering away from an unashamed stand for Jesus Christ. I wondered if Baylor's efforts to be accepted by the "Big Boys" athletically would cause it to become ashamed of its Christian heritage. I feared that Baylor's display of the Christian flag on its masthead in its publications and speeches would not reflect what was really going on down on deck and in the hold of the ship. You have encouraged me to believe that Christian faith at Baylor is alive and well, permeating the classrooms and the residence halls. Keep up the good work, and may the Lord continue to bless Baylor.

Ken Durham, BA '60
Longview, Texas

Thank you for the informative article "Concerning the Soul" in the Summer 2008 issue of Baylor Magazine.'I am pleased to see the University has decided to make the very necessary changes to the Chapel program at Baylor.'Having been a student in the early '80s, I can speak from first-hand experience regarding chapel and its need to offer more to students.'In addition to educating students, Baylor has tremendous responsibility for the spiritual life of her students.'If Baylor is going to be a Christian school, it must be different than state universities and offer Christian teaching, insight and direction for the students and staff.'Thank you for offering more to the students of Baylor today. 

Louanna Werchan Miller, BBA '85, MSED '92
Monticello, Ill.

You're welcome
I wanted to write to say "thank you" for doing such a'nice job with Baylor'Magazine. After graduating from Baylor undergrad in 1989 and moving back to Arkansas, I have lost touch with the University.'Your publication showing up in my mailbox each quarter takes me back to a fun time in my life.
I appreciate'the hard work that you and your staff put in to each publication.'You represent the University well.

Sean Pitman, BA '89
Fayetteville, Ark. 

Deep in prayer
At the very unexpected sight of the photograph on the back cover of the Summer 2008 issue, there, locked firmly in understanding and gratitude and praise, I find a scene which causes me to be'bathed'ever more deeply'in the embrace which constitutes the deepest contemplation of the holy'relationship with'our Triune God:'a moment of extreme spirituality wherein the student's oneness with Our Lord firmly occupies the soul in supplication and blessing.

John B. Victery, BA '55
Houston, Texas

Sacred moment in a sacred place
The "Byword" article in the Summer 2008 Baylor Magazine really struck a chord with me.'Sacred is a word I've often associated with Baylor University.'I've always considered Baylor sacred, holy, hallowed'ground because, in my mind, it is at its core "connected to God, for use by God (if only we will'submit ourselves to Him), and for God's glory."'I believe Baylor is blessed by God.'It was the primary reason I chose to further my education there.

One particular location on campus remains vividly sacred to me, though I understand the setting as it was on May 13, 1986, does not remain intact today.'It was the statue of the kneeling Christ in prayer that was located in a small garden area of the Quadrangle between Burleson and Draper halls.

It was there, that evening, that Bryan'took a knee, held my hands, and asked me to marry him.'He pledged before God, Christ, me and anyone within earshot that he would love, honor and care for me for the rest of our lives in accordance with God's plan for Christian marriage.

It was incredibly'poignant that Bryan chose to propose to me'on the Baylor campus, and particularly there at the statue of Christ. I can't think of a more perfectly spiritual place'to'dedicate'ourselves to Christ and each other. He knew how much I loved Baylor.'He came down almost every other weekend to see me, so I knew it had become an important and special'place to him as well.'It was definitely a sacred moment in a sacred place.

Debbie Pinckard Liles, BA '86
Fort Worth, Texas'