Growing Season

February 28, 2008
1958 Baylor Campus

Visitors to Baylor's campus in 1958 were met by an array of new facilities. Armstrong Browning Library, Tidwell Bible Building, Roxy Grove Hall, Baylor (later Floyd Casey) Stadium, Morrison Hall and five new residence halls (Martin, Kokernot, Dawson, Allen and Collins) had all gone up during the previous decade.
50 years later, Baylor has seen another period of tremendous growth, continuing to expand campus far beyond those earlier borders of Fifth Street to the north, Eighth Street to the south, James Street to the east and Dutton Avenue to the west, as indicated by the dotted lines in these photos. In the past decade, campus has seen a surge of new facilities, starting with the McLane Student Life Center in 1999 and continuing with a number of projects currently underway.

Baylor Campus

New and renovated facilities have given Baylor students not only modern classrooms for learning, but improved labs, residence halls, athletic facilities and centers for campus life. These additions were made possible by the generosity of countless families and individuals from both inside and outside the Baylor family. To them, we say thank you.
To demonstrate how much campus can change within the course of a lifetime, we begin with a glance at campus circa 1958. In the pages that follow we provide an overview of some of Baylor's newest facilities to give you a sense of the opportunities available to current and future Baylor students. On page 31, we take a look at the opportunities that the grandchildren of today's students might have at Baylor, 50 years from now.