Regents elect president, raise tuition, reduce board size

December 19, 2005

At its regularly scheduled meeting Oct. 28 and at a specially called meeting on Nov. 4, the Baylor Board of Regents took care of some major business for the University.
In addition to unanimously electing John M. Lilley as president, the board announced a 7.8 percent increase in tuition and fees for 2006-07 and approved amendments to Baylor's articles of incorporation that will reduce the size of the board from 36 to 16 members over a nine-year period.
Interim President William D. Underwood said the increase in tuition and fees was "absolutely necessary" if Baylor is to continue to provide the quality of education it now does. "We simply had no alternative," he said.
Tuition and mandatory fees will increase from $21,070 to $22,714 for 2006-07. Tuition and required fees for graduate students also will increase by 7.8 percent, and George W. Truett Theological Seminary students will face a 6.3 percent increase. All Law School students in fall 2006 will see a 12.5 percent increase. Room and board rates for undergraduates will increase by 7.6 percent and 3.1 percent, respectively.
The board vote on reducing the size of its membership was "not unanimous, but it was overwhelming," said Regents Chair Will Davis. The decision was a matter of the proper number for effective governance, he said. "Boards with larger numbers utilize members for fundraising. Baylor's board has never been required nor utilized for fundraising. We have been a governing board. A smaller number is necessary if we want the members to be involved, knowledgeable and effective," he said.
'The regents meet again Feb. 2-3.