The Faces Of Baylor '04

August 25, 2004

How do you describe today's Baylor student?

Wears pajama pants to class. Runs 5 miles a day. Volunteers at an animal shelter. Studies Latin vocab at midnight. Sings opera in the shower. Teaches a first-grade Sunday school class. Tutors in biology. Practices three-pointers. Writes poetry. Speaks English as a second language. Can't wait for the real world. Just added another major. Has a cell phone attached to the ear.

Each different.

If you haven't been on campus in a while, you might not recognize Betty Baylor or Joe College anymore. We spent a day with photographers in the Bill Daniel Student Center to show you some of the faces of today's Baylor.

Who are they?

  • 55 percent female
  • 44 percent Baptist
  • 13 percent Catholic
  • 10 percent Methodist
  • 73 percent white
  • 9.1 percent black
  • 8.2 percent Hispanic
  • 6 percent Asian
  • 74 percent involved in student organizations
  • 28 percent involved in Greek system

Where are they from

  • 49 states and the District of Columbia 
    (83 percent from Texas, 0 from North Dakota)
  • 75 foreign countries

What do they think?

  • 75 percent believe being at Baylor contributed to their spiritual growth
  • 88 percent agreed with the statement, "I am a leader"
  • 93 percent agreed with the statement,"I can make a real difference in the community by participating in service activities"
  • 74 percent agreed with the statement, "I am under a lot of stress"
  • 63 percent of seniors said they had changed their majors at least once while at Baylor
  • 92 percent said they are proud to be at Baylor

Why are they here*

  • 72.6 percent said top reason was to learn more about things that interest them
  • 64.6 percent said top reason was to prepare for graduate or professional school
  • 61.5 percent said it was to be able to make more money

*Data from fall 2003 Information Management and Testing Services and fall 2003 student survey conducted by the Division of Student Life.