Connecting On Campus And Online

August 24, 2004

Homecoming at Baylor is just weeks away, and while we hope to see many of you on campus, we also are excited about the new potential of "homecomings" online.
If you have visited the Network Web site recently, you are beginning to feel the potential power in the idea that all stakeholders in Baylor's success can have access to the resources of the University. The purpose of the Baylor Network is to link all Baylor constituencies together in new ways -- not just locally or regionally, but throughout the country and world.
This summer, all Baylor households were given an opportunity to become a part of the online network. The capabilities provided by proprietary Web technology and new Baylor-specific programming bring innumerable benefits and additional services to our alumni and friends. 
We anticipate that thousands more Baylor family members will have the opportunity to become reconnected and revisit memories. 
This new service -- -- still is in its infancy. Each time you log on in the coming months, you will find more and more features.
We'll see you on Fifth Street next month, but now we also can visit with you through our new network as we strive to link the Baylor community worldwide.

Lofgren, Edd, is Associate Vice President, The Baylor Network