The Way of the Sword

August 22, 2023

Baylor’s Kendo Club connects students to Japanese culture through the practice of kendo, modern Japanese fencing that uses bamboo swords and protective armor. Kendo means the way of the sword, and the martial art emphasizes building character along with skill.

Manas Reddy, junior and president of the Baylor Kendo Club, said his involvement in the club has far-reaching effects.

“Being a part of the Kendo Club has enriched my experience at Baylor, both physically and mentally. The lessons and principles I’ve learned from Kendo carry over into my daily life, aiding me every day at Baylor.”

The Baylor Kendo Club provides a unique opportunity to learn the art from an experienced instructor. Members gather for practice weekly and participate in tournaments throughout the year.

Beginning this year, the Baylor Kendo Club is now officially a sports club. Reddy said with this new designation, the club will have a greater focus on the competitive aspects of kendo. The club plans to attend as many college tournaments as possible, such as Harvard’s Intercollegiate Shoryuhai and UCLA’s Yuhihai Intercollegiate Kendo Tournament.

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