Bringing the World to Baylor, Sending Baylor to the World

August 22, 2023

The benefits of an education abroad experience are limitless. While exploring the world, you gain invaluable opportunities to grow professionally and personally by immersing in different world cultures. Studying abroad opens the door for students to experience new perspectives, learn how to navigate different cultures, work with diverse peers and communicate in other languages. Baylor students are future innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, doctors, journalists, teachers and diplomats — these are the skills that will prepare them to solve the world’s toughest challenges, approach the world with compassion and creativity, and engage their global and local communities.

Leah Cole
Junior, entrepreneurship & corporate innovation,
Baylor Business in Singapore

“Studying abroad was such an amazing opportunity that I encourage everyone to utilize if you have the chance. The last thing I was told before I left Singapore was ‘The world is big, and the future is bright. Seize every opportunity you can. Sic ’em, Bears!’”

Nolan Screen
Senior, Communication,
Baylor in Prague

“I chose this program to get my creative arts experience credits. This trip exposed me to different theater experiences that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, and I really enjoyed connecting with students who I’ve never met before who are in different majors, and getting to experience a different side of Baylor that I’m not used to.”

Rosario Colchero-Dorado
Senior Lecturer in Spanish,
Baylor in Madrid

“It is important for the students to realize that a foreign language is more than the grammar and vocabulary we learn in a classroom, and that it is intrinsically tied to a culture and history, which they can see firsthand when they travel abroad. For many of them it is their first time abroad and it can be an eye-opening experience and a time of personal growth.”

Jace Cook (far right)
Senior, Supply Chain Management,
European Business Seminar

“The most impactful thing about studying abroad was being exposed to different cultures with fellow Baylor students. We traveled across Europe in a coach starting in Italy and finishing in England, seeing how various businesses operate on a local and global scale. Traveling abroad gave me the opportunity to see different perspectives in how communities and business interact. I learned from our guide in Rome, Leandro, that the Italian people are family-focused, and value long-term relationships with others — this demonstrated the importance of building and maintaining relationships to me, as Leandro described these shop owners as friends and family, rather than just stores he frequents.”

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