Nobel, Pulitzer Prize Winners Speak At Baylor

June 16, 2010

Dr. Steven Weinberg, 1979 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, spoke at the Baylor Particle Physics Seminar presented by the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the department of physics. 
Weinberg's April 19 lecture "Gravity at Short Distances" discussed quantum gravity in theoretical physics and the many problems with various calculations of distances the "size of an atomic nucleus." Weinberg earned his Nobel Prize in 1979 along with his team, Abdus Salem and Sheldon Lee Glashow, for "their contributions to the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including, inter alia, the prediction of the weak neutral current." Weinberg is the Jack S. Josey-Welch Foundation Chair in Science at the University of Texas at Austin. 
Richard Wilbur, U.S. Poet Laureate and Pulitzer-prize winner, gave this year's Albaugh Lecture on March 16. Wilbur read and discussed some of his poems with the audience comprised of students, faculty and community members.
Wilbur composed several volumes of poetry, translated the plays of Molière and Racine, wrote several children's books, and worked with Leonard Bernstein to create the lyrics for the musical Candide. Among Wilbur's many honors, he was named U.S. Poet Laureate in 1987, awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the National Book Award in 1957, and the Pulitzer again in 1989.
The Roy B. Albaugh lectureship was endowed in the late 1970s by Oma Buchanan Albaugh in memory of her late husband, a Waco business and civic leader. Past lecturers include Leon Kass, Ralph Nader, Stephen J. Gould and John Updike.